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One quick correction @avq – can’t resist, as I was a big fan. CJ is not our all-time leading scorer – that honor still belongs to Q. That, by itself, could spawn a “best player” thread (which I’d love!). But it does illustrate an interesting point. A 6’6″ SF could at one time, and I’d argue still might be able to, be dominant as a “big” at this level. Along those lines, I’m with the bum – the scarcity of skilled “bigs” makes them all the more important at this level. And I’m also fine with calling 6’7″-6’8″ bigs, for us.
We got KILLED on the boards this year; game-in, game-out. I’m thrilled with our results on the year, given the obvious bad luck. But had we been able to play even on the glass? I’m trying not to think about it…