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Here is my theory. Coach Reed feels the most comfortable with the proverbial “small” lineup of a PG, 2 Wings and 2 FW. Last year, it was almost by default but even in ’11-’12, he rarely used 3 bigs in the front court at the same time. Therefore, his ideal squad would be about 8 back court players and 5 front court players. Next season we will have TK, TG, CB, SW and JC. That satisfies his needs for next year. The following season we lose no one and gain JRG who I still see as a F rather than a G. We lose 2 guards and will only have 2 true PGs on the roster, CS (who will only be around 1 more year) and MS. I think he would like 1 more PG on the roster so that when CS leaves, there will be an experienced PG on the floor at all times.
BTW, I going on the premise that there are only 2 schollies, at most available this year. The other one will go to the best available athlete. Just my opinion.