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I don’t think it is unusual. I’ve said it before, and I believe others agreed, but I really don’t think Austin Price is a point guard at all. And Cole, as much as we love him, is a walk-on which are usually not factored in to roster composition.

That leaves the staff with Mackey, Corey, and Miles. Mackey is gone after this year, so if we get a PG in 2014 there would be 3 PG’s his freshman year, and then Corey would graduate. So I don’t think it is odd that we are recruiting a PG this year.

And as for the number of offers out there, it is just really hard to know how many of them are still open and active. Some of the PG’s we are recruiting have gotten high major offers, and although we “offered” them they may have never been truly interested. So they are off the table. Other guys may not have been able to get the test scores they need, so are also not options. There is just no way to know. However, if we extended two new offers to PG’s this weekend, it appears that it is still pretty wide open. My guess is that we get a commit from one PG, and pull the offers of all the rest (I’m speaking of pure point guards, not combo guys or shooters).