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Wow I thought there was more credibility to the list of players I see on this forum. Now I understand that any kid with a twitter account is a possible recruit. #notcredible

That’s one way to look at it. The other way is that all players linked to Lehigh in a basketball recruiting capacity are listed. I have no way of knowing the extent and accuracy of interest. Less than 10% of these players will end up at Lehigh, so I’m not sure how casting a wide net of possible names hurts the “credibility.” If you can definitively prove that the Lehigh coaches have had zero contact with Jennings, I will take him off. So feel free to provide that. Lastly, when a kid who is three games into his sophomore year is linked to multiple D1 programs (including Lehigh) by national recruiting websites, yeah I’m going to list him. Why should we exclude a local kid that you deem unworthy, but include some kid from Boise that none of us have heard of but was linked to Lehigh on twitter?

When you have your list of prospects that you can independently verify have had direct contact with Lehigh coaches, I hope you are willing to share it with the board.