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Good detective work. I have not been able to find the commitment.
Her stats don’t seem to correspond with the film though. She seems to be the female version of AP. She is really more of a combo guard than a PG. Her club actually lists are a SG. She only averaged 1.2 assists/g, 2.2 rpg and .7 spg. Contrary to what you watched on film, she wasn’t a prolific scorer until crunch time at the end of the season averaging about 10.6/g but she seems to be a very good shooter making 50% of her shots including 38% from 3. Like AP too, 2/3 of her shots come from outside the arc. Time will tell but she did get a lot of offers. Sue is stocking up on shooters this years, something we certainly lacked last year. Devaney was called the best shooter in Florida this year by one scout.