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We are so short up front next year, we are going to need some production from everybody.  Think about the frontcourt possibilities, it is a little frightening, from an experience perspective.

Kempton – 0 college games

Chuku – 0 college games

Whitfield – 0 college games

Baltimore – getting less than 5 minutes per game currently, nonfactor in 2 seasons

Goldsborough – starting to contribute halfway through first season, still rarely plays 20 minutes

I’m high on Chuku and Kempton because I, kind of, have to be.  There is nothing else, really.  We know that JG is going to be a big factor next season, but if he scored 10 ppg, I would be surprised.  He barely scored double figures in high school, and has shown no real offensive moves in the low post this season.  Upside next season is maybe 10 and 10, and we would be thrilled with that.  CB, maybe he rebounds next year, not the basketball, but his career rebounds from where it is now.  Upside probably 6 ppg, maybe some bigger rebound numbers.  Again, he has shown no ability to score on the block and no post moves.  Coaching staff is going to have to develop these guys Day 1.

More minutes for wings AD, SC and maybe CS if he plays some 2, but those guys are guards.  We have virtually no experience up front.  That is why I think you need to pencil in Kempton or Chuku as a starter and maybe both.  At this point, JG would need to start at 4 or 5.  MM, obviously, a starter at 1 or 2, BB a starter at 2 or 3, if he returns.  Then the 3, AD, SC and CS looking at starting at the 2/3.  Maybe SW is a stud, and he is your 3.