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Interesting stuff, TMH, thanks for posting.  Sounds like you are going to see Chuku (sounds like they love this guy, and makes sense since they were OK with him potentially sitting out and still recruited him) and Kempton starting in the frontcourt next season.  I can’t understand how he expects to find a special player so late in the process.  That sounds like wishful thinking, unless you find a transfer somewhere.  In regards to Kempton, I wonder how much the coaching staff has seen this guy play live.  He plays HS ball and AAU in Arizona.  How many trips could they possibly have made out there to see him?  Probably not many, maybe 1 or 2.  Maybe they saw him in some national AAU recruiting stuff, I don’t know.  But, for a school with Lehigh’s recruiting budget, they truly may not know much more than us.  I would assume, they are getting game film on him from this season as it progresses, and updates from services and his coaches.  But, that is a bit of the risk recruiting outside of your geographical area.  You are not going to run over and see him play a big high school game.  I think a little bit of potluck.