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lehigh90, I have no idea at this point who our frontcourt will be next year although I definitely think JG has an inside track. SW seems to be a Holden Greiner type of player who has played at a high level until his injury this year. Temper your optimism about JC a bit. Coach said he is out of this world athletic but still has much to learn.  It is a big transition playing in Britain and the US. His future development will determine his PT. Kempton may or may not be the most game ready out of all of them simply because he probably had real good tutelage at an early age on how to play the game correctly. He is rated as the #1 big man in Arizona. He is not a big leaper but I suspect he knows how to use his body well to create space. Time will tell. Coach did have a lot of film on AP though and loves him. Calls him highly efficient.
One thing we need to remember is that much of the scouting is done by the assistants and HCs rely a  lot on their expertise for advice.