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This is a pretty disheartening loss. Despite AU’s perfect home record, I think LU is the much more talented team and should have won this game.

In our two losses to PL teams not named Bucknell (i.e. teams I feel we are clearly better than) have a pretty massive point of commonality. Tony Wroblicky – who averages 6 and 6 – went for 18 pts and 17 boards. In the loss at HC, Dave Dudzinski – who averages 9 and 6 – went for 23 and 8 on 9-11 shooting. I think Gabe is one of the best big men in the PL, but he can’t keep getting torched by no-names on the road.

AU outrebounded LU 44-27. This is an insane difference. LU had 17 defensive boards and AU had 16 offensive boards. And this to a team that lost their best returning big man to baseball last year. I just don’t understand how it happens.

Also, why only 3 minutes for Schaefer? Was everyone else playing so well that he couldn’t get on the court? And lastly, this may be unfair because I obviously don’t see the team practice. But judging by his resume and limited court time Conroy Baltimore can rebound. Why don’t you give me a few minutes and see if he can neutralize the boards? In the least it would challenge the other guys and show them that if they won’t rebound that Reed will find someone who will.

This loss just baffles me.

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