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On the press. I would love to see it in theory (primarily to show some other looks than the standard man to man that Reed is in love with), but I don’t think Lehigh has the personnel to be that effective with it. Pressing teams need quick guards, which Lehigh doesn’t have. McKnight and CJ can push tempo some and have the necessary foot speed to apply backcourt pressure, but outside of those 2, nobody else has any quickness. Plus, in my opinion, you need a higher basketball IQ to effectively press (knowing when and where to trap, etc), and McKnight is lacking there. He gets lazy with his feet and reaches, causing too many ticky tack fouls. Outside of those two, the rest of the smaller players are slow footed, which is why this team can never defend very well on the perimeter. Quick perimeter players get into the lane at will against them. The team shows very little desire to play solid defense for 40 minutes. They can play it in short spurts, but they are not dedicated to the defensive end of the court.