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“And, Reed hasn’t done a very good job of getting his team into a set rotation, where players know when they are going to play, how much, and what their role should be.”

I am disappointed that they lost, but the above quote sums up what the major problem is. When I try to say Reed needs to do a better job of getting the TEAM ready, this is what I mean. All the emphasis on the starting 5 is costing him. Greiner said it the other day, they have two sets of 5, this set of 5 has beaten them in practice. Why not put them on the floor as a group early in the year. I am disappointed to see this year fall as many have. Reed has a strong pre season record, gets to PL play, gets out coached and the players don’t know their role. What posters need to understand, the players must follow his lead or they are benched. Coaching is a huge problem. How can they be so fluid one game and blow winnable games? TEAMWORK!!! Not happening on a consistent basis.

Gabe was handled in that game and so was Greiner. A little less of the cameras and more film and weight room. AU has some large players, but we were getting man handled for the most part. We were within 2 pts even after we lost the lead.

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