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All of the PL road teams won last night, so hopefully it continues tonight for the last midweek game. It is going to be a tough game, as American is undefeated at home, including a big win vs. a good St. Joe’s team. If it goes like the game in Bethlehem, McCollum and Hinkle are going to get their points, but both teams will need a second scorer to emerge. Lehigh’s secondary scorers (Knutson, Greiner and McKnight) have been fairly quiet lately (solid, but no huge games), and hopefully one steps up tonight and goes for 20+. Or, maybe Adams continues his hot shooting and energy play. He was big the first time around. American has less scoring depth than Lehigh. Outside of Brewer, who has had 3 bad games in a row, nobody really scares you. So, I give Lehigh a slight edge tonight, winning a tight game, say 70-66.