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Guess I get first shot at the carnage left over from the game that just wrapped up in our fine nations capital. I missed the first 8-10 minutes of this game as I was in route back home off of a work trip, so I missed JH outburst, but the last 30 minutes of the game was pretty tough to watch offensively. The entire team was out of sync offensively, Gabe could get nothing going down low versus the star of the night Wroblicky, the man who averages 5/5 who at last check during game had 17/17….mackey couldn’t get going, CJ was off…HG didn’t play…few questions below…

1.)Greiner – as I said, missed first 10 minutes of this one, did HG do anything wrong here cause he barely played in 2nd half, and I don’t remember seeing him really in last part of 1st half.

2.) Rebounding – so many offensive rebounds for AU, just unacceptable, way to many rebounds off missed FTs killed us.

3.) Secondary scoring – outside JH flurry early, there was nothing tonight.

4.) Many on here, myself leading the parade, have talked about pressing and running teams out of the gym. Clearly AU was bothered by press late in game, should we be pressing more, cause we haven’t really pressed all year…when you’re undersized, might as well speed up the game as much as possible and try to turn them over more…