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I just want to go back to the whole BJB thing one more time, this is really amazing, what a story. In the last 7 LU games, BJ is averaging roughly 20 minutes a game, we’re 7-0, and he has been a huge piece of this puzzle. A great defender who can defend multiple positions, and who has rebounded really well for his size, and hit open 3 point jumpers with some mixed in slashes to the hoop. Had one nice drive today for a bucket and another one that he got free and dished to open teammate but a foul was called. Think about this for a second, in previous 7 games before he got inserted into line-up, he had a total of 4 minutes and 1 shot….that, right there, is pretty amazing. Linsanity- not quite, but a great story for a good kid who stuck with it and whose hard work has paid off.