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I’m not sure how good “that good” is, but Wroblicky imo has improved markedly as the year has progressed. The only thing stopping him from being a really good player right now is that he is extremely foul-prone. His PL stats look like this:

MPG = 16 (was in foul trouble over half of AU’s games)
PPG = 8.1
RPG = 6.2 (3rd in PL)
BPG = 1.2 (3rd in PL – 1st if all games are used)
FG pct = 61.2% (1st in PL)

For a guy playing only 16 mpg, that’s very impressive. If he ever reaches the point where he stays out of foul trouble, he could lead the league in rebounds and blocked shots and be top ten in scoring – particularly if he improves his conditioning somewhat.