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I am not sure how KM would have panned out over his career. We saw so little of him, and I can only really recall one game where he was a significant factor (away to Lafayette, last year). He would have been a space heater for sure, but could he have given you a lot other than as a wide body and screener, I guess we will never know.

You are going to need some size to match up with Bucknell and Holy Cross. But, there are different ways to skin a cat. Hopefully, this team is more of a full court pressing, trapping type team (1-3-1). 40 minutes of hell. If JG can be an eraser near the basket with his shotblocking, I would love to see us be a pressing team with MM, CJ, DC and BB. We should be striving to play serious uptempo basketball with games in the 80’s.

Would also like to see SC, step up and be a bench 3 point sniper. Somebody who could play 10-15 minutes consistently and hit a high % from 3. With all of our guards being able to penetrate and kick to shooters, he could be really valuable. He will probably battle Chuku for that role. I am hoping Chuku has a lot more to his game than just the 3 ball. He has a body that is ready day one.

HG, is also critical, and I expect him to be the second best player on the team with Gabe (2A and 2B). He was really coming on in the first half of this season prior to injury. Has a nice athleticism to his game, and does a lot of things well.
Shoots 3, can play off the bounce, can rebound, surprisingly long, can defend and block some shots for a smaller guy, and can get out in transition.

But, number one question mark for next season is can CB or JG step up as a big man? Sort of like this season, who is your first big? JM and JA stepped up this season, and hopefully one of those two do next season, if not both.