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I’m sure van Nes was very much on their radar, as he is on a lot of teams’ radars in the NE. Plus, he plays in Chuku’s conference, no? He is also English like Chuku, so I would think they know each other. His 6’11” brother plays for Fairfield, so that seems like a likely destination for him. I know Maine was in on him as well, as well as HC and Ivys.
Another scenario could play out with coaches being fired. Once a program fires their coach, and it is that time of year, a lot of guys become available again. There is a 7’0″ stud African center who prepped at Peddie in NJ for a PG year, this season. He, surprisingly, signed at SMU, while holding a ton of big time D1 offers. Matt Doherty had a bit of an African PG pipeline at SMU. With Doherty’s firing, the sharks are circling in the water for him. I would expect him to dump SMU and go elsewhere. Maybe a guy Lehigh was involved with sees coaching turnover, and Lehigh can jump back in.