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Wow – this board is taking off, really love the effort boys, fantastic. I’ll try to target my responses to folks who wrote back post-my initial post earlier on this topic:

90 – we’ve had big bodies before, mgebroff, gourlay, safstrom, all 6’10+ with big bodies like KM. I was high on KM, really is. I saw most of his minutes last year and he had a really nice touch down low on the block, showed some nice moves inside, I’m really saddened if this news is indeed true. I was looking for him to be a 20+ MPG and clogger/rebounder/space eater who you could dump ball down to as he showed nice post moves. He could have been a 7/5 guy with 5 fouls to give from center spot and pushing the Freases of the world further out of the post leaving the guys doubling less ground to travel down low for the double. He would have let GK go to the more natural 4 for a good part of the game, which allows us to match bigger conference “big” lineups. Also gives you another post presence so if outside game isn’t working you can dump to GK and KM. This really hurts LU next year. Agree, more “talent” coming in then going out, but we needed the KM to fill the front court with another grinder/big body for next year. JM/JA were huge heart and soul guys in front court for us this year.

Per your line-up for next year, I’ll be shocked if CB starts early, maybe by end of year if his hard work pays off, love the rodman analogy, that would be great for us if he can do that. I think we’re more likely to go MM, CJ, BJB or DC, HG, GK….3 guard line-up, get out and run more…Man if Reed and staff didn’t see that we could run on duke whenever we wanted in transition and doesn’t permanently try to speed up the games as I’ve begged for for 2 years now by pressing/trapping and running with our athletic lineup that we possess 1-5, its a mistake. Especially if we can’t get a 5 to come in late, we got to run and press and trap and helter/skelter it and win in the 80’s…

Agree with you all, HG is a returning starter and huge impact player for next year. I expect really good things from a healthy and motivated HG. Housenik also said JC game compares to CB, which is a joke from what I’ve seen, they’re very different.

As for using the extra scholly, we all agree, we need to use it asap.

Good job SBum on some options, and food for thought, there are options out there. For petes sake the number 1 and 2 players in the country are uncommitted now. With our recent publicity, I’d got to think we’re an attractive home for an unsigned big who you can guarantee playing time. Shoot high, see what happens. The point we all agree on it is worth the risk to try to bring in a 5 for next year cause of the potential for a special season. We need legit 5, no 220 lbs guys, 6’10 and atleast 240. They’re out there, we got to capitalize and strike while iron is hot.

BIGGEST QUESTION NOT ASKED YET IN THIS THREAD – KM didn’t just make this decision on a whim, he must have been thinking about it for a while, and kept staff in the loop. SO, with Reed realizing if he has another big year next year that he can cash in the CJ chip and move on to a bigger job, YOU’D HAVE TO THINK HE’S BEEN SCOURING COUNTRY THE LAST MONTH FOR A 5 MAN TO BRING IN ASAP TO MAXIMIZE RETURN ON NEXT YEAR?????????? He’s a DR for a reason, why sit back and hold scholly back if you can win big next year and potentially jump if he chooses to. For that reason, I have to think we use this scholly up and sign someone who either de-commits due to coaching change or a late Sr. unsigned. FYI looked at WAGNER incoming recruits, no bigs to poach.