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Being the contrarian that I am, I will respectfully disagree with most of the posters here. If the purpose of trying to get a big man now is a knee-jerk reaction to Frease’s play against us, I suggest we save the scholly and use it to get someone better next year when the recruiting field is far more open and Lehigh’s exposure is at it’s best.
Unless someone falls into our lap like a redshirting player on a BCS squad or a foreign big man, the type of player you want will likely not exist athis point in the process. Even Kenny Frease who was the #42 recruit in the nation per Rivals did not contribute that much as a freshman and being an A-10 watcher, I can tell you he very much slowed down a running Xavier squad over the years.
As pointed out earlier, we had several big bodies on our squad over the last 5-10 years but none contributed to any great extent.