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I appreciate your post TMH, and you are certainly welcome to your opinion, but let me see if I can put more time and thought into this reply and rationale to needing a center NOW.

It isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to Frease as much as it is filling out the missing KM scholarship with another center, a position that we don’t have on next year’s roster. We have a ton of 3s and 4s, but no 5s. Maneri was huge in his role off bench fighting bigs and grabbing boards as a big bodied 4, and JC and JG are probably not the big bangers as already reported on here. When you look at our 12 schollies going into next year, the position breakdown is below, so point is with one open and with next year’s potential to be so solid/special/once in lifetime type season, you have to use it now to fill the one area of weakness. You got 7 of our 12 schollie under 6’4, seven, and the rest are all 6’9 or under. We’re small for a DI team now minus KM, so we need size for next year. Look at that front court, you got 2 guys who have played before, 2 freshman and a sophomore who played 142 minutes for the season. We’re young, inexperienced, and small. Time is now to bring in another guy, and hope between CB and 3 Frosh Bigs that 2 break right. The Front Court is the missing piece right now, it was a ? mark going into this year but we saw Adams do it 2 years ago and knew Maneri could step in and give spot minutes, and both those played out exactly as we’d hope. Front court next year huge huge hole right now minus KM.

1s and 2s – MM, CJ, BJB, DC, SC, SC, AD – all 6’4 or under
3s and 4s – JC, JG, HG, GK, CB
5 – 0