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My son is currently near the end of a 6 year program at Duquesne, so I’ve been following that program pretty intensely.
1.) Donovon Jack is the real deal. Although skinny, he is the protypical post player. Unlike Chuku, he rarely shoots 3s although his % is good. At one point he made 43 FGs in a row over a 6/7 game span. He is an above average rebounder/shot blocker and is known for his defense. There has been nothing from Jack about his plans and I suspect he will wait until a new coach is announced to decide. He would look great in a Lehigh uniform although if he would leave because of an unsettled coaching situation, there is also a lot of speculation here. I also know nothing about his academics.
2.) Ironically, the straw o perhaps boulder that broke Everhart’s back there was a pending transfer of their best player who has a similar name and story of someone we know. Everhart recruited TJ McConnell when he was a 5-2 freshman. He grew 3-4 inches a year but continued to be too small for big programs to take serious looks. McConnell scored 1,000 points in his senior year, 2,400 in his career and was named PA Player of the Year. He got a taste of watching an NCAA tournament in Pittsburgh this year and wants to get there himself. His destination is unknown.
3.) When Everhart was interviewing for the Penn St. job, it was mentioned that he was currently making $450K. Just saying.