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Jack can only re-open his recruitment IF Duquesne gives him permission. If they don’t, then no-one can legally have contact with him. If it turns out he wants to leave (and I have no idea if that is the case), I seriously doubt Duquesne will give him permission until after a new coach is on-board and has time to try to re-recruit him.

If it did turn out at some point that Duquesne released him from his LOI, then LU could recruit him, subject to all NCAA regulations. Among other things, that means off-campus contact can only be during certain time periods. The next permissible time to contact Jack (or anyone else) off-campus is on the Thursday after the NCAA championship game. NCAA regulations also would preclude the entire staff from visiting him simultaneously, and also would preclude any players from visiting him at any time. Also LU cannot present him with a DVD of the Duke game or anything else.

One other thing. There are many schools that either have an available scholarship right now or else who will readily make one available for the right person – either by simply non-renewing the scholarship of an existing player or strongly encouraging someone to leave. I have no doubt at all that St Joes or St. Bona would have a scholarship available if he wanted to go there. So would the majority of schools in the A-10, CAA, or MAAC, among others.

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