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RichH – Great thread,I found myself wondering the same thing this weekend after reading the KM news. Man, now that season is over, I’m going to admit I’m really upset about the KM news. One would think he would have been huge help vs the Freases of the world, the muscalas of the world for next 3 years. Really disheartening, because without him, we’ve got a ton of 4’s and 3’s, but NOT ONE 5 on the entire roster. That, scares me big time. We’ll freeking out-guard play anyone next year, with MM/CJ/BJB/DC but front court is full of “light in the pants” guys.

With that, and per the below, where I counted BJB as a scholly – WE APPEAR TO HAVE ONE SCHOLLY LEFT TO GET TO 13! To me, there is no freeking hesitation on this one, next year has chance to be so special and you have to use it now, have to get a big center and sell him on next year but also future post-CJ which looks bright. This attention we’ve gotten has to be maximized and strike while the iron is hot.

My unofficial scholly count by current class:
’13 – CJ, GK, HG
’14 – MM, BJB, AD
’15 – CS, SC, CB
’16 – DC, JC, JG