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6’10” big guys aren’t exactly falling from the sky for PL level teams. In fact, I can’t recall Lehigh having a true big man (6’9″ or 6’10″+ with big body) who could play in the last 25 years. Gabe is really a 4. We are always going to be undersized at the 5 spot. Guys like Carrington, Mbonu were undersized 5s as well. Muscala is a once a generation player for PL. Not to mention, this late in the game, the cupboard is bare, especially for big guys. Your only shot this late in the game is to find some project and hope to develop him. Maybe you find a Safstrom type (big body) who has only drawn D3 interest, and you try to make him a player. A guy like Safstrom would have really helped vs. Xavier.

Next year, you are looking at 5 by committee. Gabe, obviously, and hopefully you get contributions from Goldsborough (as a shot blocking force) and Baltimore as a rebounder. Outside of those 3, you can’t rely on anyone else to fill up the paint. You are going to need a lot of rebounding from your smaller guys (CJ and HG).

With that being said, next year’s team should be more talented than this year’s team on paper. You lose Hamilton, Adams, and Manieri, and gain Chuku, Carter, and Goldsborough. Chuku is a bigger Hamilton, who looks more athletic and both are primarily long range 3 ball threats. So, that is an upgrade. Goldsborough is about Manieri’s height (much thinner), but looks more athletic and brings something to the table that this year’s team lacked (shotblocking). I think if he shows athleticism, can run the floor and finish around the hoop, and is an intimidator in the paint, not with girth, but long wingspan and blocking shots, that is an upgrade. And, Devon Carter has a ton of potential and talent. He clearly is not Adams in size, but he could be a special player (I would be shocked if he is not a 1000 point scorer for his career), so you have to call that an upgrade as well.

I am projecting a starting lineup next season of:

1. MM
2. CJ
3. HG
4. CB
5. GK
Baltimore is hopefully going to be your Dennis Rodman type. Play defense, maybe block a shot or two, and rebound the ball like crazy. Don’t need his offense, but need him to do the dirty work. Then I think, Carter is going to be too talented not to be your 6th man. I also think, Goldsborough is going to be your first big off the bench by default. He needs to do the same things CB does, defend and rebound and block shots.