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I think Holden is going to bounce back big time next year. He has the talent to be All-PL and just needs sustained confidence and focus. I was actually a little irked when in Housenick’s article he said we had 3 starters returning when I absolutely consider Holden a starter, and in some games our best player. Who knows how his season would have ended without the ankle injury?

As for the open scholarship, if we have our math right and the staff has one open spot, I agree with Hoops that you have to use it if you can find even a project big body. Big men are a crapshoot anyway, and next year is a HUGE year for this program, and we have something we can really sell right now. I’m as much on the CB bandwagon as anyone else, but you can’t replace size. Sometimes it’s not even about rebounding as much as it is about clogging the paint, setting some hard screens, and setting a physical tone for a few stretches. Maneri was great at that the 2nd half of this year, and even if we rebound by committee, I think we need a big body and true 5 man to fill out the roster. I don’t expect to find a center ready to step in and start as a freshman this late in the recruiting game (or ever really), but I do think that the program in general needs a big body to replace KM and Maneri.