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Bison – come on man, I love you to death bro, but come on for a second…suspended or discipline, stop hanging on every single word and trying to correct it. Point is this bison, guy averaged almost 26 mins a game last year and started and in our biggest game of the season he played 4 minutes and didn’t start. Yes, prentice had the game of his career knowing it was his game with MM out and the only minutes MM got was to spell prentice as he was dying from playing more minutes then he had ever played in one game in his entire career…so MM was emergency back-up PG and used in emergency situations, aka he was the 3rd quarterback on a football team….so if you want to call it suspension or disciplinary action, I really don’t care, point I’m trying to make is MM did something to piss off reed and staff which had direct correlation to him not playing in biggest game of year. Then, add in laf suspension this year and minor team rule that staff just addressed vs army, and whollah, we’ve got a situation to monitor….

90 – you know i’m riding express on the DC train, but I think he projects more as a 2 guard, with pg abilities, but not a pure pg…you could, play him and CJ in same line-up and have two combos who are capable of handling pressure, but I’ll need to see more of him then I have to give full assessment. His assists do appear to be up this year, but clearly I think DC can immediately get in rotation and steal minutes from AD and SC, but I think if MM has more issues we’ll be looking at CS at the point with DC first guard off bench….love MM, need him to get right, we’re different team when MM is dialed in…and as I said, BU has no answer to him(I notice Bison137 didn’t try to argue that in the bucknell rehash post!)