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Another post I didn’t get to write with board down but that was bugging me over last week, MM suspended for at Laf game, and now this minor infraction, combined with suspended last year for BU semis game…add it up, season and a half worth of ball, and the soph has rung up two full legit suspensions and now a minor infraction. I love MM, love energy, love work ethic that CJ has praised often, but wonder what is going on here. Reed runs tight ship, true or false isn’t really the important thing here, the important thing is MM might not be getting the message. I don’t recall many other LU players ever missing games due to coaches suspensions before, and this is MM’s 3rd incident in 1.5 years….I’m a bit troubled and perplexed by it, cause by all accounts this is 1st class kid who works his butt off to be best he can be. But, something we can’t ignore and not comment on, it is an interesting story line to watch.