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As has been discussed extensively on this board, this squad just lays an egg once in awhile.  Usually when we least expect it.  It’s extremely frustrating but is waht it is.

That said, 6-1 at the midpoint is fantastic.  Even with CJ, I would be pretty happy with that, without him and I’m ecstatic.  It is extremely difficult to dominate league play, wether you are Kansas, Butler, Bucknell, Lehigh – it doesn’t matter.  It’s tough to win night in and night out against teams that know everything about you, and during the inevitable lulls and low energy moments throughout the winter.  I would be very happy with 10 wins in the league, and over the moon with anything more.

This season hasn’t gone the way any of us anticipated, but it’s pretty awesome that there is still a lot of excitement and high expectations around the program.  The recent emergence of JG has also made this year’s incoming class a lot more hopeful.