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It is such a crap shoot with recruiting at this level.  Going into this year, I thought DC would be a stud, JC would be very solid, and JG would be a project big man that hopefully helped us late in his career.  In reality, we have gotten nothing from DC, and post ACL, who knows what we get, JC hasn’t suited up, and JG will be the biggest contributor this season and has supplanted CB as the first big off the bench.  So, hard to project.  I worry about AP, as I am not sure he does anything really well.  His summary is that he does everything pretty well and is a leader/glue guy, but hard to project that going forward.  If he is simply a shooter, I can’t see him making a big impact next year, as he will be buried behind a lot of guys (CS, SC, AD, BB).  I was very high on SW, as I liked what he showed against major high school talent.  But, now he is off injury as well.  At this point, it looks like TK should make the biggest impact.  If he is not our starting 5 next year, I will be a bit disappointed.  Although, at this point, you might have to pencil in JG at the 5 next year, although he may be better suited as an energy big off the bench.  JC, is an enigma at this point, not sure what he will be.  Big body, but can he bang or is he content to shoot it from the outside?  I still like him for next season.  The frontcourt is wide open next season for sure.  The backcourt is pretty set, in my opinion, as you are going to get MM at the point or off ball, and he is going to be paired with CS or AD, unless BB in the mix.