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I just saw some 2013 video on Price playing for DCDS.  Boy, he is really small and slight.  He is mostly shooting the 3 in the videos (made baskets), with a few drives to the rim.  Unless this guy grows in both directions, he is going to have real trouble attacking the rim in college.  He has a PG frame for sure.  Doesn’t like overly quick either, not much of a burst off the dribble.  I think he is my #3 recruit in this class. 

I think we need to find another player in 2013 for sure.  We seem awfully short on the scholarship front.  MM, AD, CS, SC, CB, JG, JC, DC plus only 3 coming in.  Only 11 for next season?  Plus 2 coming off injury, one, DC, a major injury.   Could we really start next season with 10 scholarship athletes?