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What is everybody’s opinion on this kid’s role or potential role on next year’s team?  We have a bit of a logjam at his position(s).  He is listed as a combo guard but, obviously, for us, next year, his minutes will need to come at the 2 spot, as he is not going to bump MM or CS from their roles at the PG.  So, if you slot him at the 2, he is competing for minutes with SC, AD, BB, CS, and, potentially, DC, if he is back from injury.  Tough competition for a freshman.  He could project into a starter at the PG in his junior and senior seasons.  He is going to be too small to play anything but the 1 or 2 in college.  I am hoping that his has some wiggle off the dribble, because if BB does not come back, we are short a slashing guard from his position.  If he can really defend that would certainly help him get immediate minutes.