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I’ll take a first stab 90.

First off, I don’t ever see AP getting major minutes at the point.  His #1 attribute seems to be his shooting, and he doesn’t seem like an overly quick penetrator.  I think he would be better utilized on the wing.  This is further reinforced by some of the internet rumors of LU having interest in a couple of unsigned sr point guards out there.

AP seems to really value defense, which is often the biggest hurdle for freshman to get on the court.  Add in the fact that we will likely be looking for some scoring punch, and I think he could see the court as a solid defender and outside shooter.  Also, in the PL BJB (assuming he comes back), and AD are both capable of playing the 3, so I think there are more minutes for those wing guys than at just one spot.

I have high hopes for AP, but don’t think he is going to come in an immediately be a scoring sensation.  I think he will absolutely be in the rotation though, and be a pretty big contributor for a very young team next year.  He has played very high level high school and AAU ball, and has a brother at Depaul, so I don’t think the transition to D1 ball will be as shocking for him as it might be for some others.  After all, he has 2 D1 jr guards on his high school team he goes at every day in practice.  Lastly, he is often cited as a great leader and “make the right play” type of guy, which could be a huge asset for a very young team.

I also want to add that the LU strength staff has done an awesome job helping transform CJ’s body from scrawny to solid and really increased his explosiveness in his 4 years in Bethlehem.  Most of the kudos there go to CJ’s work ethic, but I have hopes that the strength team can maybe work similar magic with AP.