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It’s going to be interesting to see where Chuku and Whitfield play.  My initial thought (having only watched them briefly on internet video) is that they would both need to improve their handle and shot to get significant minutes at the 3.  Holden can do it because he is comfortable putting the ball on the deck, and has developed into a good three point shooter.  Whitfield appears comfortable with the ball and a good passer, but there isn’t a lot of evidence he is an outside threat.   Chuku’s MO seems to be rebounding and running the floor (check out the Euro U-20 tapes) with maybe the occassional 3 trailing the break.  In any case, the front line next year will have a lot of athleticism and versatility (and shockingly enough maybe some depth!) that will be interesting to watch develop.  My guess would be that both would rather play the 3 and will work on developing those skills over their careers.

Judging by the offensive system the last few years – getting out in transition and a lot of threes – I would think it would be much more likely for them to play as athletic 4 men to rebound and get out on the break rather than as bigger 3 men.  At least to start.