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Just watched AP win a state championship in front of a very nice crowd at the Breslin Center! Very cool scene seeing him and his teammates go into first few rows of student section after game and get swallowed up. AP was pretty impressive, probably only had 12/13 points, but showed quick release on the 3 ball, and really utilized the pump fake when defnese ran out on him and showed some nice drives to the tin. He is very heady, big time bball IQ, had a few steals and blocks and appeared to be in right spot at right time. His body is very very similar to CJ when CJ enrolled. A full 6’3 and extremely lanky, but extremely long arms, and active in passing lanes on D like CJ. I think he is going to be solid for us, will be really intereting to see how he does next year in a fight for minutes.  Announcer said many consider him one of the best on ball defenders in the state, so that was nice praise. Was fun to watch, really happy for him. Cool game.