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Sorry guys, been an out of the loop weekend, although pretty drepressed about Friday so that might have contributed to slow recap. Listen, it was like watching a D2 team scrimmage against a legit D1 team, minus the fact that we have a lottery pick on our team.

Good: CJ, nothing to say really, wow I guess. His game, has improved every year, love work ethic. He got to the tin every time he wanted it, and finished, shot the 3, dished when guys were open, rebounded. Money.

CS – showed heart, lookd step quicker, showed some spunk and finishd down low…will be interesting to see how he develops…does he have shot to beat out AD and SC as 2 guard minutes maybe when he isn’t in to be backing up MM?

Bad: HG, as you mentioned, wasn’t very active to be polite.

Coaching – I wrote about this couple weeks ago, we have to go zone with this tiny frontcourt, have to..we did it once in 1st half and got turnover…we have to do more zone, pack it in big time..rather give up 3’s from 20 feet then 30 dunks a night…embarassing. Staf made no adjustments at all, disapointing.

Freshman – DC, buried on bench, I’m shocked…literally really shocking development boys, well have to watch this one. JG, as reported, hopefully rounds into shape by PL play, we need him cause we have no size(not news to anyone).

New Category CB: Not going to rehash waht 90 and others said, because pretty much spot on, however,  I actually came away somewhat pleased perhaps because of my expectations on what he could do in his first real game against legit team…kid was big time over his head as a really inexperienced college player and over his head literally in size department..but he did fight, dind’t seem timid and/or scared…and although he lacks some things, will never be a scorer, I came away hopeful that he can rebound versus most 4’s in our league…and that is what we need. Can he fight off willman for a rebound? I think he can actually…he’s small, we’re small, wek now this…but I think he’ll be okay IN OUR LEAGUE rebounding the ball. It is about winning our league, unless we get dream matchup against tiny team in tourney we’re in trouble, but can we win our league, yes we can and CB needs to hit the baords in our league and I think he can be a contributor there…he’ll improve, think you’ll see bigger results on Monday vs mid major sized frontcourt.


RM good gaurds, but I think small is what I read preseason…got to beat them, get a W in the books and then take shot at Pitt…



Listen, Friday stunk, but short 2 starters and our only legit forward and we lost on road vs a good happens, win vs RMU and then get a shot at pitt and all is good…beat pitt and we’rein bizness baby…


CJ just looked so diryt, he could lead country in scoring this year if he wanted to and probably put up close to 900 points this season…