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I did not have the opportunity to watch the game tonight so I was relegated to following the stats on an iPad and hearing glimpses between static.

1.)CJ has taken his game to another level I believe and he could really be something special to watch this year.

2.) I may be wrong, but Reed had only 3 guys over 6-5 available to him tonight. Baltimore picked up 2 fouls early. I will assume he found the bench for awhile and was replaced by Goldborough. Does Reed tell him to be real aggressive defensively or does he pull back? Greiner picked up his 4th I believe midway through the 2nd. Tough game to coach.

3.) Without having the luxury of watching the game, so will someone please explain Lehigh90’s harsh critique of CB. I was told earlier that if given 26-28 minutes a game, he would never average 7 rpg because those were Muscala #s. I was also told that even though he averaged more rpm than anyone on the team, it was only against lesser talent. I check the stats tonight and he puts up 7 boards including 6 offensive in 28 minutes against Baylor’s starters and I’m still told his rebounding is subpar. Am I being told that he should have had 12-13? What are his expectations for Bryant, Fairleigh Dickinson and Muhlenberg? I never said he would be an offensive juggernaut but I did say he will be among the rebounding leaders in the Patriot League if given the minutes and nothing he did tonight disproves that. Give the guy a break.