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CB had absolutely no impact on the game.  He scored a couple points and few rebounds in garbage time, but his night was mostly watching Baylor players hammer dunks right around him and get the ball out of the net.  JG same thing.  I expect these guys to do the dirty work, set picks on offense, and defend the paint, maybe block or alter some shots, box out and rebound.  They did none of that tonight.  They basically stood around and got embarrassed.  Baylor would put up a perimeter shot ( when they weren’t taking one if their 30 dunks and alley oops) and our big guys would be 8 feet from the basket, with a body on nobody.  3 Baylor players would be standing under the basket alone, which generally meant offensive rebound followed by dunk, or follow up dunk.  It was awful.  Our big guys did not compete at all.  Any stats CB put up were incredibly hollow.  As stated earlier, he needs to understand his role in defending the high pick and roll.  When we are on offense, he needs to set solid screens up top and show he can be effective at rolling to the hoop and catching the basketball. I am sure he will improve when the players get smaller and less athletic, but there was nothing positive to take out of his first performance in extended minutes.

Honestly, I had a tough time differentiating CB and JG at times, since JG was wearing CB’s old number and they look similar on the court.  It also seemed like the announcers referred to JG as C B a number of times.

Did anybody who watched the game see any positive impact CB or JG had on the game?