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CB and JG = Zero impact

Many other disappointments along with a few pleasant surprises.  The biggest were:

HG – AWOL in first half on both sides of the ball.  Second half not much better.  As a returning star, he needed to set an example.  Then again, maybe he did and CB and JG were just following his lead.

CS – Quicker than remembered and fearless taking it to the basket on a number of occasions. 8 pts in 16 minutes second only to CJ in productivity. Deserves a start or certainly more playing time as the line is blurred between PG-2G-SmF in this multiple guard-oriented offense.

DC – Only in the sense that he got so little time to show what he had.  This, after all the board-hype he received.  Seeing him inserted into the game along with “walk-on” Goodman with just 2 minutes remaining got me thinking just what do we have in DC?

AD – I had heard of his good work in practice sessions leading up to the game and it came as no surprise to see him start in BJ’s absence.  But, same ol’ – same ol’    …….  you’re hot or you’re hot with the stroke  early on.  This time he wasn’t.  Good hustle, however, and attempts at playing D.

SC – As advertised……catch and shot 3’s with limited impact on defense.

MM – A little surprised at the number of minutes (37) and his sloppy ball-handling early on.  Good assist work and deadly from the line, as usual.

CJ – What more can you say?  36 points or 2 for every one of the 18 NBA scouts present.  Until our “bigs” begin to play a role in scoring the basketball, I don’t care if he takes 43% (32 of 75) of our shots.  Anyone else notice the weigh (or should I say muscle) gain.  Looking more and more like a professional athlete.


Only good news to come out of Friday night was Robert Morris’ drubbing at the hands of Rider.  There may be hope for us on Monday night.