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I think it is unfair to lump CB with JG or even HG.  Conroy at least made an effort to play defense and rebound.  He grabbed a couple of contested boards, which is more than can be said for anyone else on our team, and he even contested and blocked a few shots.  JG didn’t seem to know his right from his left and couldn’t stop fouling (4 fouls in 12 minutes), and HG just shied away from everyone.  Agree that his pick and roll defense was awful, but I think he was significantly better than HG or JG.  At least he competed.

I’m not sold on DC.  I really hope I’m wrong and that he ends up being a player, but I wasn’t sold off the 1 highlight video we saw from his jr year, nor by his high school stats and accolades or his other finalists.  I will never write off a freshman, never, and I still have high hopes, but I do think the hype may be a little unwarranted for now.  Especially those who were penciling him in as a starter.

BJB would have helped with toughness and containing some penetration, and Gabe would have helped inside, although I’m not sure how much.  If nothing else those two have experience and they both compete, something that can’t be said for half of our guys yesterday.  There seemed to be zero pride and dedication on the defensive end.

I thought RMU/LU would be a brawl of a game before, but with both teams coming off big losses in the first game of a season with high expectations, it is going to be a battle.  Should be fun.  Hope GK and BJB play and the team competes.