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I’m totally in the dark about what the relations are between members of this forum and the Lehigh sports press and the Lehigh sports program but it puzzles me how an elemental question like this – BJ’s elegibility and intents to return – do not come up in Brett Reed’s media appearances or any Lehigh media.

Do press folks not think to ask, or are they not allowed to ask, or do they not think it is important?

This is a phenomonal question, and for me, the most frustrating part of following a mid-major with mediocre local media coverage. No one ever asks the relevant questions. Some questions fromt he last few seasons that pop to mind that were bandied about on this board for months, and in some cases we never got an answer and/or it took ages:
1) the severity of Kevin McCarthy’s knee issues
2) wether or not BJ is/was on scholarship and his health status
3) how many scholarships LU has available (12 vs 13)
4) was LU planning on using the vacated KM scholarship once he retired

I don’t know if Housenick and Lore don’t follow the program close enough to know the in-depth questions and just ask the simple questions post game, or if they think there isn’t enough of an audience to justify asking. Lastly, maybe the DO ask and Reed politely declines giving those details out in the media. Whatever it is, it is quite frustrating as a fan. Nobody ever asks about recruiting priorities, or what other schools were looking at guys we signed. All we get regarding recruits is the LU issued press release that is just a puff piece. Nobody ever asks if Reed is interviewing for other jobs. I don’t get it.