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BJ – He’s not CJ but he’s the closest thing we have to him and perhaps our key to advancing thru the playoffs.

After last night’s dynamic performance before his Dad (see Morning Call story below) on what he and others acknowledge to be less than perfect footing, here’s a look at his ytd stats:

FG% .468 and .534 in PL games (#2)
3FG% .512 and .643 in PL games (#1)
FT% .613
PPG 7.6
RPG 3.2
Steals PG 1.2 and 1.1 in PL games (#7)
Blocks PG 0.7 and 0.9 in PL games (#7),0,1065749.story

While CJ and BJ may have played together a couple of times in the past – Bryant and VCU come to mind this year – I do not recall them ever being paired in the starting lineup. How sweet it would be to see these five step onto the court for the opening tip some day? OK, I know. Time is running out. Dream on!
CJ, BJ, MM, GK, and HG