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On a personal level, seeing that I live in Boston, this is pretty exciting news for me. I now have the guarantee of seeing 2 LU Hoops games a year in my backyard, which is pretty sweet. Outside of that personal gratification, I’m not sure this is the best fit. BU is HUGE compared to us and most others in PL, almost 20K in undergrads, and they’ve spent big time money on facilities over the last couple of years,so they’ll be very competitive in most sports vs. PL I believe. Also, academically, they are more in the american level as opposed to a Lehigh or Colgate, so its a step down academically.

The way I see it, conference commissioners are all playing the same game right now, eat or be eaten…clearly the powers that be in PL wanted to solidify and strengthen….and clearly BU was looking for a home and I’m sure mens lax helped draw them as they are building out their program and are pumping in a ton of money to mens lax from what I’ve heard.

The only thing I’m upset about, is this starts next year not this year. However, I think sometimes you see the new teams play OOC games vs their new league, so I’m praying LU at agganis this winter in hoops…would be sick…