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I was very happy with the win, since PSU looks to be much better than last year due to the return of All-Big 10 PG Tim Frazier, who missed last year due to injury.

We knew Kaspar would get the majority of minutes at PG, since he had become the main guy at the end of last year and had some very good games down the stretch – but he has certainly exceeded expectations. Thus far averaging 18.5 ppg, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds in games at Stanford and PSU. Also leads the team in steals and blocks – and is clearly the most athletic of the regular rotation guys. The only question about him is inconsistent outside shooting.

My prediction at the start of the year was for Kaspar to play 25 mpg and Hill 10 mpg (and Ryan Frazier 5 at the point). Thus far it is Kaspar 34 mpg and Hill 6 at PG (and 4 at off-guard).