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No, lfn you weren’t alone. I don’t see us as being out-matched at all.

Last night’s game would have been easy to sleep through had it not meant so much. Stylistically, it was foreign to us Lehigh fans. Not necessarily the defense (strong by both teams) but the pace of play and shooting percentages. The two teams combined for “0” (as in “no“) fast break points and put up just 106 FGAs while connecting on only a third (.333 BU and .365 AU) of their shots. Neither team could do much from the line, either, each @ .667. It simply came down to three made 3’s by Cohen, Johnson and Ayers in a 2 1/2 minute span late in the game. Had Hinkle done something (4 points on 1 for 9 shooting coupled with 4 turnovers), it might have been a different story. As if was, the better team won. Moose Muscala continues to be a difference maker on a team that, otherwise, may be hitting the wall when it comes to scoring the basketball (last six outings in reverse order: 55, 54, 56, 90, 66, 81). MM alone has accounted for 36% of the points scored over the last three games – up from what had been his customary 24% of the team’s total. How to neutralize him – as BU did to Hinkle – appears to be the question going into the playoffs. Good luck to Navy. Seems they’ll have two chances at it in the next 5 days.