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A closer look at the stats will reveal what has become a glaring weakness of the Bison. KenPom calls it “Turnover Rate Defense” or the percentage of your opponents possessions that you turn into turnovers. Your formual: turnover rate defense = opponents turnovers / possessions.
In short it measures how effective you are in forcing turnovers. Bucknell isn’t very effective. Thru 13 games, they rank last – that’s #347 in the nation – at 13.3%. Not good. Oddly enough, on the offensive side of the ball (the percentage of your possesions that result in a turnover), they’re good, very good and ranked 5th in the natino @ 15.5%. Looking at PL Stats to date, you’ll see Bucknell ranked last at forcing turnovers @ 9.3/game. In terms of steals, their record isn’t much better at 3.8/game – good for 7th in the PL.

Do not get me wrong, we have our faults, too. Just thought it informative to point out what may be obvious to some but an eye-opener for others.