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I think you are underestimating Princeton a bit.  They did not lose by 20 to Lafayette early in the year, they BEAT Lafayette by 20 at Kirby.  They have a solid club, with only two bad losses at Fordham 63-60, and Northeastern by 1 at home.  They were the preseason pick to win the Ivy.

Their other 4 losses were Rutgers, Syracuse, Drexel and Wagner, 3 solid clubs and one powerhouse.  Of all of the Lehigh games I have seen so far this season, in my opinion, they would be the 3rd best team Lehigh played so far this season behind Pitt and Baylor.   Remember that Lehigh played Penn fairly tight at Stabler, and Penn, so far, is the worst team in the Ivy.  Penn/Princeton is coming up, so that will be a barometer game for the PL.    

As far as Lehigh’s rebounding problems, I don’t think Bucknell really have the roster to exploit it.  Obviously, Muscala is a very good rebounder and Willman is a solid rebounder, but after that, they have no beef in their starting 5.  Hill and Johnson are not going to hurt you on the glass, and neither is Cameron Ayers.  Fitzpatrick has a lot of beef off of the bench, but he has a far reduced role so far this season.  He is not getting a lot of minutes.  Hoffman has potential to rebound, but again, very limited minutes.  I don’t think either team is really strong on the glass. 

I would rather get strong PG play at the mid-major college level, and give up a little on the glass then the reverse.  Guards win in college.