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1.   Princeton did not play well early in the year, but as you point out, they were the preseason pick of almost everyone to win the Ivy.   With such a big lineup, they have struggled mightily against the press – but Paulsen refuses to press so that was a non-issue vs Bucknell.    Pomeroy ranks Princeton #89 – basically the same as George Mason, Oregon State, and Washington State.

2.  Fitzpatrick’s role has been reduced this year at least partially because he missed almost all of preseason with a broken wrist.   He is just starting to reach 100%.

3.  Brackney’s role has also been reduced – at least partially due to a knee problem that has bothered him the entire year.   It was diagnosed as tendinitis but after it didn’t get better for several months, they performed an MRI that didn’t resolve the problem.    BU definitely needs either him or Joshea Singleton, who is in the doghouse due to his defense, to emerge as a sub for Ayers.   Last year Brackney became a useful sub and hit over 50% on his threes.

4.  Yes, Bucknell is awful as far as stealing the ball or creating turnovers.    Paulsen does not want players to ever press or take a chance on a steal – which I don’t agree with.  Still it generally works pretty well.   Although they are next-to-last in the nation in steals, they also are 12th in the nation in defensive rebounding and 18th in opponents’ 2-point FG pct.

5.  Only time will tell, but I think Hoffman will turn out to be a very good PL player.   Right now, he plays behind Willman – who is so valuable they don’t ever want him off the floor.   And now that Willman has finally learned how to limit his fouls, he is averaging over 30 mpg in the non-blowouts.

6.   Paulsen raves about Hass’ offensive game and he supposedly scores a lot in scrimmages.   However, his defense is a work in progress and he needs some more time in the weight room.   He averaged close to 35 ppg his senior year in H.S. but the competition was not strong.

7. Bryson Johnson is never going to be a guy who attacks the rim a lot, but he has actually been much more effective doing that this year – although probably not in the Princeton game.   Last year, he got to the line 56 times in 34 games.   This year it is 52 attempts in 13 games.   Some of those, of course, are intentional fouls at the end of games, but some is also due to his going to the basket more.