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My guess is CJ has played his last game in the brown and white.  He has nothing left to prove.  At this point, there is only potential downside.  For example:

1) Chance of another injury

2) Chance he comes back at 90% and with sloppy play (like Saturday) raises more questions about his handle

3) Chance he comes back at 100% but team fails to match last year’s accomplishments.

Any one of these scenarios could cost CJ millions. The first two possibilities could cost him a 1st round selection. The prudent thing for CJ to do is simply finish his academic collegiate career, heal his injury, and begin final preparations for his NBA career.

Sure, it would be nice to take another run at a Patriot League championship and a #1/#15 matchup in the NCAA tourney.  But, I would figure  (a) he is lucky his injury is fully recoverable and (b) he has nothing left to prove to NBA scouts or anybody else.