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I love your optimism on the projections for Baltimore and Goldsborough, but I see no way CB is going to average 9 rebounds a game.  Muscala led the PL last year at 9.1.  So, you are basically asking a guy who has never played significant minutes in college, to come in and basically lead the league in rebounding.  He was a DNP probably half the time last season.  And, he is not a given to start.  Then, asking him to score 7.4 ppg, which last year would have put him at about 25th in the league in scoring.   He might be the 8th offensive option on the team.  Then you need JG to get 7 ppg on top of that, and he may be the 10th offensive option on the team.  Not going to happen.

In my opinion, if CB and JG can share 20 minutes a game, play decent post defense, get 8 rebounds per game combined, and use up 10 fouls, I would be happy.  Scoring wise, I think combined they might average about 5 ppg.  I would think if they can share 20 minutes at the 4/5 (and that might be asking a lot, as it assumes JG can play right away), you have to be satisfied.  You are going to need huge minutes out of GK and HG (30+ on average) and some nights probably 35.  There is no way around it, this team is going to have to play small quite a bit.  With foul trouble to GK, you may be looking at runs of MM, BB, CM, HG and DC/AD/SC on the floor, with no true post.  You could also see some of CS at the point with MM running at the 2.  I am fine with going small and pushing tempo in the PL.  There are not that many big teams in the PL to contend with, although one is Bucknell, where you are going to need some size to stick Muscala, Willman, and/or Fitzpatrick/Hoffman.  Other problem, of course, is any major team they face (in OOC, or NCAA) is going to have a huge size advantage in the post.  Can you imagine facing a Duke or Xavier this season with our front line.  We will know pretty quickly.  I would think that first game at Baylor, the rebounding edge may be 2/1 in favor of Baylor.

If I was Reed, at this point, I would be headed over to the football locker room to find somebody who is big and may have played basketball at a decent level in high school to walk-on for this season.  I have seen a lot of teams do it over the years.  You need bodies now.