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Rich, what JC tweets make sense, I’ve been following him for over a year and can’t recall any tweets that tipped this, but maybe I missed it?

If Reed knew it was possiblity, I think it is odd that he didn’t bring in another big, I hate to sound like a broken record, so I won’t say it again, but I’m still in shock. I do agree that if he knew about it that it is still worth having him for 3 years, totally agree, just as 90 says it stinks they can’t just say you’re a sophomore and let him play 3 years starting now, that just makes to much sense right!

Also, if he knew it was possibility all along, why go out of your way to highlight him to Andy Katz in that interview on from July at the ESPYs, odd right.  Totally pumped JC tires saying how big an impact he could be this year for the team, odd right.

Anywho, we’re down 2 scholly’s this year, were down 1 each of the last two years, can we all agree now that you go use that 4th scholy right now for next year? This is why you do it, so many random things can happen to cause you to become shorthanded.

90 – I forgot to post on this, but I tend to agree with you, I could totally see BJB stopping after this year, I don’t know what the odds are but I think he is definitely graduating this spring and I think he considers himself in the senior class, so I could see that happening.